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Computer Talk Radio is a nationally syndicated broadcast radio program on computers and technology, and how they impact your life. Benjamin Rockwell, the show host and a computer nerd, leads the team as the expert guide through the technical jungle of jargon, and the valleys of viruses, to reach the pinnacle of power over your computer problems. Benjamin is joined by multiple team members who thrive on bringing you to the next level of knowledge. Keith M. Sedor has been a Certified Apple Mac Consultant for nearly 20 years. Marty Winston has been all over the place, from an executive at Radio Shack, to one of the most trusted members of the tech community from behind the scenes. Steve Keske brings a vast history, as well as experience in a number of directions. Recurring weekly segments include IT Pro and Scam series.

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Some radio stations across the country receive special feeds with only a portion of the full broadcast.  The podcast contains all 80 minutes of content each week, and it's a fresh broadcast every week since we started, with no "best-of" programs, or even a week off.  Benjamin believes that your computer doesn't rest, so neither should the Computer Talk Radio team!

Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 03-30-2024


Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 03-30-2024; Dell, Tesla, Facebook, Ford, Florida; smart cities; Apple vs US DOJ; AI is still young; scammers; responsibility of social media; nerd for hire; cordcutting; lead fully remote team; credit cards on smartphones

This week's full broadcast of Computer Talk Radio includes: - 00:00 - News of the nerd world - Dell, Tesla, Facebook, Ford, Florida, Apple, Phishing, Chick-fil-A - 11:00 - Listener Q&A - Smart cities - Leroy asks Benjamin about smart cities, and realism of the idea - 22:00 - Addressing Apple and DOJ - Keith defends Apple against the US Department of Justice - 31:00 - Marty Winson's Wisdom - Marty explains why AI is still 10 miles away or more - 39:00 - Scam Series - scam attacks - Benjamin provides analogies as to how scammers get us - 44:00 - Keske on social media matters - Steve and Benjamin banter on the responsibility of social media - 56:00 - Tips when you hire a nerd - Benjamin gives tips and insight for when you get a nerd for hire - 1:07:00 - Listener Q&A - cordcutting - Ronald asks about the latest thoughts on cordcutting - 1:16:00 - Professional IT Series - 269 - Brenda wants to know how to lead a fully remote team - 1:24:00 - Listener Q&A - credit cards - Michelle asks about storing credit cards on smartphones

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