We're PASSIONATE about cereal! (And it shows!)

Breakfast cereal… is there anything more comforting? Is there anything more satisfying than a bowl of cereal? Anything more nostalgic? Keith M. Sedor, host of the Computer Talk Radio Nerdcast and The Treksperts Roundtable podcasts is joined by fellow cereal aficionados, Stephen Crawley & Christina Brice Dolanc, and breakfast cereal foil, Benjamin Rockwell, on the newest podcast on the Listen-In Podcast Network, “Just Pour The Milk”. They’ll discuss breakfast cereals old and new, and a myriad of other related topics… like the Oreo flavor of the month… specialty baked goods from around the country… and just about anything else that pairs well with an ice cold glass of milk. All this deliciousness and more, on the brand new podcast... “Just Pour The Milk”.

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Episode 11 - "Anticipations, Expectations, and Disappointments"


In this 11th episode of 'Just Pour The Milk', show host & cereal enthusiast, Keith M. Sedor, joined by the 'Just Pour The Milk' team members, Steven Crawley and Christina Brice Dolanc, along with breakfast cereal foil, Benjamin Rockwell begin by recapping some previous cereal teases. The cereal pundits go on to discuss eagerly anticipated (and potentially disappointing) new cereals; a myriad of new chocolate marshmallow cereals, and early contenders for the 2022 Cereal Of The Year (COTY) Award. They ultimately make their way through a snackcake desert to find a cake with… No Name. All this and more... on this banter-filled episode of 'Just Pour The Milk'. ———————————————————————— TIMELINE – 0:00 - Intro / Opening / Welcome to the ‘Just Pour The Milk’ podcast 02:00 – Cereal Tease Recap 06:55 – General Mills New Cereal Drops 09:25 – Chocolate Marshmallow Bonanza 29:18 – CinnaGraham Toast Crunch 33:00 – Cinnamon Sugar Krispies 35:02 – A Cake With No Name 38:48 - Outro 39:17 - Outtakes (Where Hilarity Ensues!) 48:48 - Closing / Coming In Our Next Episode... 50:35 – END



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The Clarion Cry Of Breakfast Cereal Fun!

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"Just Pour The Milk", is a fun & exciting show for our regular listeners that might also enjoy hearing fascinating discussions about breakfast cereal nostalgia, brand new cereals, as well other fun goodies that pair well with an ice cold glass of milk! 

All this deliciousness, creamy goodness, and more... on the brand new podcast, "Just Pour The Milk"!