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January 23rd, 2018 celebrates 10 years of Computer Talk Radio broadcasting.  The show contains a variety of tech knowledge and discussion, from Windows to Apples, and occassionally Linux, from the smartphone to the Raspberry Pi, but is built to be accessible to the non-technical person. 

Syndication for Computer Talk Radio has been something that Benjamin worked hard to make easy for the broadcast station owner.  Each of the elements below are factored in to make it easy for automation, for fitting into your schedule, and to meet your needs.  The content is non-offensive (carried on Christian stations in the Bible Belt, so it better be), approachable, usually light, and nothing that is likely to encourage complaints.

For all broadcasts:

  • Each show is unique, with no best-of’s…  in 10 years, while we’ve spun up the same topic, each broadcast is fresh and new.
  • A 15 second bumper opens the show, 10 second bumpers start each segment, and 4 seconds minimum at the end of each segment, to allow your live local talent a chance to fit in, station ID’s, go slightly over on news and traffic, or whatever else may happen.
  • Each segment, and each full show is the exact same length every week, so you know that we aren’t going to mess up your crucial timing.
  • Each show is SQEAKY clean, and safe enough for Benjamin’s pastor to never have to call and counsel him over.
  • For the rare special broadcasts that are a single-topic for the entire show, Benjamin makes sure that the show segments fit properly, without missing information.

For commercial stations:

  • The show is available in a one hour and two hour commercial format (with 40 minutes of content each hour)
  • We use a 4 minute per hour barter, giving you 16 minutes for your own commercials, news and traffic.
  • We can help you create the ideal clock for repeatable broadcast timing every week.

For non-commercial stations:

  • The show is also available in non-commercial formats to fit NPR, PRX, PRI, and LPFM requirements.
  • Sponsorship notices are heavily reviewed to meet all of the proper requirements.
  • The show is currently delivered in lengths of 54:50, 55:00, 59:00, and a 60:00 will be made available upon request.
  • Benjamin is prepared to create additional lengths that would work in a 90 minute timeslot (80-85 minutes should be easily approachable, and we can have conversations on longer).

Audience notes:

Audience response has been favorable to the authentic nature of Benjamin Rockwell, the show host.  Benjamin has long chosen the self-deprecating route of referring to himiself as a nerd, and actually loves to encourage listeners to use 888-NERD-888 to reach him and ask their computer questions.  This approach makes for a fun interchange with the listeners, who tend to be higher educated, and a more in touch with technology and related topics.  Listener contacts tend to be 60% male, average age of 45-50, and more affluent than the average.  

In closing:

The team is here to support you, and we are always availble to discuss boardcast and programming options to make your life easier.

Contact us anytime!


Safe for all listeners


New each week


Flexibility (nobody's perfect!)

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