As Benny Rockwell so fondly refers to E3, it’s an exercise in redundancy and repetitiveness, if only for the fact that E3 stands for the Electronic and Entertainment Expo, and yet we call it the E3 Expo, so it’s the Electronic and Entertainment Expo Expo

So, needless to say, Benny, our fearless Youth and Gaming Expert, will be venturing forth to E3 to check out the latest in games, gaming technologies, and entertainment via our computers.  He’ll be accompanied by Deb Shadovitz, and the intrepid leader of our awesome bunch, Benjamin Rockwell, as they go to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the biggest computer game convention in the world.  Steve Keske will be joining in the fun as well on the show!

Look for the show to air on your local stations, between June 11 and 17, and the podcast shortly thereafter.