Computers are part of everyday life, grafted into even the farthest reaches of our society.  One can’t get away from computers without trying very hard.  Computers are finicky animals, and no matter how hard you try, sometimes you just need more help.  Help is available from many places, but who can you trust to keep your best interests in mind, to not charge you five times the going rate, and to help you understand? 
Benjamin Rockwell is just the person you need to help you.  On the nationally syndicated broadcast radio show, Computer Talk Radio, Benjamin talks about the computer issues you need to know about.  Fixing your computer, upgrading cheaply, or just simply resolving those little pains that you’ve had for months, Benjamin gets the job done.  Benjamin also knows how important it is for your problems to be resolved, so he sees you through to the end.   Benjamin does all of this, and more, for a price that’s less than you’d ever expect…  FREE!