Computer Talk Radio weekly broadcast for the week starting October 22nd, 2011. Benjamin opened with the computer news items of the past week, including a warning about Gaddafi related scams, spams, and bad stuff, commented more on Steve Jobs passing and Apples latest fiscal numbers, and then covered some issues in regards to super-sized phone bills for unsuspecting cell phone users. Then Deb Shadovitz joined from the show floor at the Showstoppers for the Digital Holidays show with all kinds of exciting new items that she found there. Benjamin then gave suggestions on keeping your computer and data safe. Benny joined in next by commenting on the upcoming video games, then he answered a question about photo editing software. Steve Keske then covered how folks can safely place their medical data on the Internet safely. Benjamin closed by noting how the distractions in today’s society may be holding us all back.

While the player below includes our PRX broadcast, the podcast for this week in the RSS feed in the right column, includes 3 more segments that went to some of our other stations across the country.