UPDATE (Feb 1, 2012):  CES 2012 was awesome!  The audio went out to the stations, but we ran into all kinds of problems with life.  My hard drive crashed, then the website was hacked, and well, I’m playing catchup.  We will be interviewing some of the other folks that we saw at the show, and invite you to stay tuned to Computer Talk Radio for more exciting computer information!


CES 2012 is headed towards us very quickly.  Taking place in early January, in the small little town of Las Vegas, Nevada, this simple little show represents a muted, almost reverent respect for the simplicity of computers and technology…  oh…  yeah.  Sarcasm needs to be noted a different way…

Allow me to make some minor corrections here:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada…  more lightbulbs, LED screens, attractions, distractions, shows, explosions, stunts, gambling, and insanity than one could ever imagine.  It’s not a small town… picture Times Square in New York City, except that all of Las Vegas is like that.
  • CES…  Not a simple show, but rather, the Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest event in computers every year in the United States.  Actually, it’s the biggest convention in the country, and one of the biggest in the world.  Folks from a variety of other countries come to Las Vegas to report on it, to demonstrate their products, and to give a reason why they need to go on vacation more often.
  • Reverent…  heheheh…  there is more hype at CES than you’d find in a circus tent full of circus ringmasters, used car salesmen, and politicians (although some would find the last two to be the same).
Continuing on…  Benjamin and Benny will be reporting segments from the floor for the show dated January 14th, 2012.  Interviews are starting to be lined up, and the tension is definitely mounting.  This is THE Computer Talk Radio event of the year, and they are both looking forward to the excitement.  Jot it down now…  Computer Talk Radio will be talking about the next year in Computers on January 14th, 2012.