Computer Talk Radio weekly broadcast for the week starting January 7th, 2012. Benjamin Rockwell opened with the news of the week, including Verizon’s backtrack on additional fees, surveys on paperless offices, a lost hiker saved by the iPhone and more. Benjamin then moved on to interviewing Adam Wosotowsky, a senior research analyst at McAfee, about the dangers in store during 2012. Steve followed up with his predictions for the next year, and then Benjamin answered a question. Deb Shadovitz then put on her thinking cap and came up with her visions for the year, and Benjamin closed up with his predictions on the big story of the year… what this years election would look like given technology’s influence.

While the player below includes our PRX broadcast, the podcast for this week in the RSS feed in the right column includes 3 more segments that went to some of our other stations across the country.