Website of the Week – Titanic Websites

100 years ago this week, a large ship encountered an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The stories, the legends, the lore, all contributed to countless books, movies, plays, songs, poems, and more. I could wax eloquent about the various options to review this week, for people fascinated by the concept, and ahving read “A Night to Remember” in my teens, well, there’s a lot of amateur level passion in my blood to know more.

Suffice it to say, there are many websites available to review, so here’s a quick start.

And lastly, a sister ship from the White Star Lines, the RMS Queen Mary. A side note… the Queen Mary, after WWII, brought back one Roderick W. Stuart, my grandfather, to the United States. Roderick was on the very first sailing back to the United States, but the Queen Mary continued duties for another 6 months.