Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting June 2nd, 2012. Benjamin Rockwell, the host with the glasses, opens with news of Windows 8 Upgrade pricing and release preview, the Flame Worm, and more. Steve Keske joins in to comment on a seniors topic of being too trusting, and Deb Shadovitz follows with tech issues on the road. Benjamin then focuses on a variety of Terror Watch Words, and takes a listener question on how he keeps his tech tools thumb drives updated. Benny Rockwell steps in and covers lawsuits in the gaming world. Benjamin then closes with commentary on how the United Nations may be making a bid to take over regulating the Internet… and how that may be really bad for everyone.

See below for the Terrorist Watch Words read sheet.




  • I’m no fan of crazy items, especially when our government gets involved.  What follows is something that will blow your mind…  I’m going to read off a prepared report.  I will highlight a number of words that are in this report.  Then, I’m going to tell you what our government thinks about these words.
  • As part of our company DISASTER MANAGEMENT plan, the company will run a series of DRILLs and EXERCISES.  In this review, our data FACILITY must be prepared for EMERGENCY RESPONSE to THREAT to our COMPUTER INFRASTRUCTURE.  The TEAM plans to simulate a STORM of multiple WARNINGS and ATTACKS, that will threaten even our COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE.  Expect to see issues like our CLOUD services showing SYMPTOMS of VIRUS activity, requiring QUARANTINE.  Our external services, like ELECTRICAL, will simulate SERVICE DISRUPTION that could be a THREAT to our COMPUTER INFRASTRUCTURE.  Our neighboring facilities in SAN DIEGO and TUSCON will be taking part in this plan.  Our ORGANIZATION must be prepared for MITIGATION of DIASTER of any MAGNITUDE.  Please provide PREVENTION and RECOVERY plans on any potential SECURITY or data BREACH, or other INCIDENTS and even small issues like hard drive CRASHs.
  • This is all part of a long list of hundreds of words that will spark off a visit from LAW ENFORCEMENT (yep, another word).  I’m going to review the entire list real quick of words that you may have heard on this show.  All but one of the phrases that follows has been used on this show multiple times.
  • Cyber Security, Hacker, Botnet, Spammer, China, DDOS (or distributed denial of service), Denial of Service, Phishing, Rootkit, Phreaking, Brute Forcing, MySQL injection, Malware, Virus, Trojan, Keylogger, Cyber Command, Cyber attack, Conficker (the worm), Worm, Scammers, social media, and Cyber Terror.
  • One more phrase…  Cain and Abel, has now been mentioned on this show.
  • Some of the words that I’ve used here are obvious, but what about some of the other words…
  • Cops, Recall, Pork, Smart, Delays, Mexico, Home Grown (OK, so it could be my tomatoes, or something worse, but still), Ice, Twister, Aid, Lightning…
  • Now, I clearly support the concept of our government watching communications, however we get to a certain point where even the good guys are legitimately using terms that are fully appropriate for professional usage.  Sure, the words can be spot points, but I had a few key words in each of the sentences…  for a paragraph in an e-mail.  This can be a bit much.
  • Some might complain about political correctness, but this is taking things a bit far.
  • For grins, I’m placing the entire text of this segment on-line for them to have fun with.  The concept is claimed to provide awareness of potential threats, but at a certain point, I’m curious as to when we will no longer be free to speak, for fear of using a word that immediately flags you or I as potential terrorists.