Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting November 17th, 2012. Benjamin Rockwell, the smiling nerd, opens with the latest news of computers and technology,including John McAfee’s run, Windows 8 admissions from Ballmer, and General Petraeus e-mail account and further scandals. Benjamin then welcomes Louis Ramirez, Senior Features Editor at, who covers some items that you need to be aware of during this holiday shopping season. Deb Shadovitz follows with information regarding, a new search engine which respects your privacy, and is very effective. Benjamin then changes gear and notes how GPS makes you vulnerable in today’s society, and then makes a plea for you to donate blood or platelets to the American Red Cross ( Steve Keske joins next to talk about how technology may be improving the arts, and Benny gives a rundown of some games that are good for this holiday season. Benjamin closes by noting that we’ve come a long way due to technology, and that there is much to give thanks for.