Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting December 1st, 2012. Benjamin Rockwell, the computer nerd and host, starts off by noting that it’s Question and Answer time!!! Yep, that’s right, everyone from Computer Talk Radio gets in on the answers to your computer questions this week. Benjamin Rockwell starts with a recent headline that Aracelli was asking about; the United Nations possibly taking over the Internet.. Harry’s question was about tech gadgets and watches, Oscar then asked a simple question, “Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix”, and then Deb Shadovitz showed up. Marco asked about Deb’s favorite game while traveling, and Sharon asked Deb about securing tech while on the road (and it turns out that the real value is not in the iPad, or netbook, but in something else). Yvonne then asks Benjamin about what he calls “wall warts”… and he reviews a partial solution while answering the question. Margaret asks about what people use for programming iPhone and iPad apps, and James’s question for Steve Keske is what not to get for senior citizens. Amy asks Benny about youth and gaming segment (for 5 years now), and how old he is, and if he even qualifies as a youth, and Benny announced that he’s reducing his hours on the show, but will still be available for questions, and will show up for special shows here and there. Lastly, Cecilia asks about “What’s the big deal with CES”. Each of the questioned were addressed and answered, and listeners are encouraged to send in more questions in the future.

This link will take you to that cool power outlet with the USB ports built in.