Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting December 22nd, 2012. Benjamin Rockwell, our merry nerd, opens with the latest news of computers and technology including (well, no surprise here, not the end of the world), a quick note on smart guns not being good, spams and scams regarding the tragedy in Newtown, new legal stuff in Great Britain, Facebook charges, and more. Benjamin then interviews Daniela Perdomo from about safety in passwords on the Internet, and how the paradigm is shifting rapidly. Steve Keske follows with a quick overview on some cool last minute gifts for nerds, and Deb Shadovitz and Benjamin discuss browsers and a few little helpful tips for preferences. Benjamin then answers a listener question by listing a number of websites for personal improvement. Benjamin then advises on what to do about disposal of your old technology, selling, donating, or getting them out while keeping the environment safe. Benjamin closes with a nod towards Christmas, being good to others, and encourages others to do likewise.