Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting December 29th, 2012. Benjamin Rockwell, our nerd host, opens with the latest news of computers and technology, including how Hasbro and Mattel are scared over sales declines in the non-technology sector, the big Christmas Eve Netflix outage, movie studios taking part in piracy, and more. Benjamin then rolls down the list of some of the technology disappointments of 2012. Benjamin then gives hints for people who are setting off their New Year with a resolution to get a new job. Benjamin admits that he failed to practice what he preaches a couple of times this year, and how it set him back a little, and then mentions how some of the various walls of privacy are breaking down, through our own choices. Steve Keske then talks about the history of user interfaces, and how some of the past impacts us, and where we might be going. Benjamin then closes out by noting the runners-up for the notable passing “Nerd of the Year” title from Computer Talk Radio, including Andrew Breitbart, Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, and Alan G. Poindexter… and then closes by announcing the “Nerd of the Year” eulogizing one of the masters of Science Fiction, Ray Bradbury.