Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting February 23rd, 2013. Our newly bald nerd host, Benjamin Rockwell, opens with the news of the past week, including his new look, Google’s Glass, internet usage causing withdrawal symptoms, and more. Steve Keske then joins and reviews the Jitterbug phone for seniors, followed by Kate Grewe from Deb Shadovitz then joins in for her last show before returning to the states, talking about packing electronics, and her plans for her return trip and using the internet on the plane. Benjamin then answers a question from Doug, about the next rung up when looking for a wi-fi access point, and Benjamin talks about Meraki (owned by Cisco). Benjamin then covers how famous tech companies and products got their names, before closing this weeks show with a commentary on a ghoulish new service that will continue tweeting on your behalf long after you are dead.

The player below plays just these, but if you grab the podcast, there’s more as well!