Tech Review – Microsoft Surface Pro

  • True Windows 8 versus the crippled RT platform
  • Unit was preloaded with Microsoft Office
  • Harder to get a demo of the unit, as there were plenty of people crowded around
  • Preloaded with Microsoft Office
  • MS Office worked well, which is to be expected as e hardware was originally setup other contained environment of the Microsoft hardware architecture.
  • Native Windows applications ran exceedingly well, however, they also did that on the Windows RT systems.
  • Streaming video from the Internet was suitable crisp and clean from Fox News who appeared to haves partnered with MS for space on the system
  • Touch screen was about as to be expected, and unremarkable compared to the now standard screen from iPhones and iPads
  • Keyboard was abysmal.  I found that it had about the same accuracy that I could get on using my ipad touch screen, as I had to look at the keyboard as there were no clear demarcation points between the buttons.
  • Worse yet, was when they provided the upscale keyboard for a few minutes, which exhibited no better of a feel for typing.  Perhaps with time, it would be slightly more accurate, but it lacked the traditional feel of a keyboard, so you didn’t feel if you drifted.
  • Screen was decent, but then again, it is sub par for the competition
  • Adds ports, but the camera is 720p to everyone else’s 1080…
  • I have heard that there are tests on various programs that are not part of the Microsoft experience that are not doing  so well, and that concerns me.
  • 64 gig version chews up over half your space out of the gate…  29 gig free, before we start adding service packs, security patches and programs.
  • For $900, one can easily get the ipad of choice, with cell coverage and an add on keyboard, and an AppStore that has far more apps.

3 1/2 out of 5 Glasses, as an initial review.