Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting May 25th, 2013. Our host with the glasses, Benjamin Rockwell, leads with the computer and tech news highlights from the last week, including Microsoft’s XBOX One, Windows 8.1 changes, AT&T charges added in an odd place on the bill, and more. Benjamin then has Mark Beare from ReviverSoft, a software author who is working to make Windows 8 far more approachable through a closed source freeware program called StartMenuReviver. There are challenges with Windows 8, and this tool alleviates some of the issues now. Deb Shadovitz then joins Benjamin to discuss VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, a method of running phones over the internet instead of old fashioned phone wires. While many people use VoIP, they aren’t always aware of it’s significance or prevalence in society. Benjamin then answers a question from Jason, and the printer problems that Jason was having with the printer, explaining that after a certain point, we must simply give up on old printers that can be replaced for cheaper than the effort spent to fix them. Benjamin and Steve Keske then discuss the issues pertaining to robots, both our concepts and ideas of robots, as well as the future of robotic technology. Benjamin then closes out, noting that Memorial Day is more than just a day for BBQ and starting summer.

Additional audio is available through the podcast, available at this website.