Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting June 1st, 2013. Our host with the glasses, Benjamin Rockwell, leads with the computer and tech news highlights from the last week, including the CEO former stakeholder going from $1.7 billion to bankruptcy in 5 years, 100 Million iPod Touch’s being sold, Microsoft’s coming announcements for software from E3, and more. Deb Shadovitz joins in and talks how to use email properly, from etiquette to streamlining email better. Steve Keske then joins Benjamin to talk about how Search Engines (like Google and Yahoo) work. Benjamin then answers a question from Sammy about Google, and why he was being presented with new ads based on previous searches on Google. Benjamin then answers some more questions in regards to Babelfish, a translation software available on a number of websites that translates another language to English (or vice versa), as well as issues pertaining to drivers, making a reference to DriverPacks.Net. Charlie contacted Benjamin recently in regards to skills, practicing, training, and attitude (Benjamin’s choice of words) for advancing in the computer field from his current A+ Certification. Benjamin mentioned an assortment of other training options, including Network+, CCNA, and CISSP. Benjamin then closes the show with commentary on a recent privacy imposition on students… scanning their irises… without permission from parents or students!

Additional audio is available through the podcast, available at this website.