First, thanks for all of your prayers.

Here’s a quick update regarding Greg… the surgery on Wednesday went AWESOME! It was expected that they would tackle only one side (the right), and would come back in a number of weeks, and tackle the other side. As the doctor’s went in, they found that it was going easier than expected, and they tackled everything, save a few small ones that just will need some watching. This was entirely expected to be the most dangerous of the operations, and they found that it went easy as could be. I, and a number of the other people I’ve spoken with, credit God for what amounts to a miraculous time for the surgeons. You, and many others (estimated in the many thousands) are witness to the power and action of a verse from the Bible.

Greg is not only recuperating well, but he’s even out of the ICU. There are hurdles ahead, but it seems that the worst is over. From here, it’s the recovery process; pain from a major surgery, the building up of strength, the continuation of a life that has been interrupted for almost a year now, and eventually, battling whatever residuals that this experience has left behind.

Greg could use your continued prayers… not just now, but for those who can or are drawn to do so, many years to come. As a part of cancer, you aren’t considered cancer-free for 5 years. As a part of cancer, you face discrimination at many turns. As a part of major surgeries like what Greg has had, there are parts of the body that have been shoved around, turned, torque, pinched, poked, prodded, and otherwise subjected to changes that will affect Greg for many years, or perhaps life. At 24 years of age, he’s got a lot of life left in him, and needs your thoughts and prayers from here.

Thank you all for your prayers… and God Bless!