Computer Talk Radio weekly show for the broadcast week starting December 28th, 2013. Benjamin Rockwell, our humble nerd, starts off with computer and tech news from the past year, including, NSA spying on us, Edward Snowden, and more. With the volume of hot articles this year, Benjamin continues through more of these items, including Blackberry’s nine-lives-of-a-cat, additional screens for our smartphones (watches and Google Glass), and more. Benjamin then answers a question from Jacquie in regards to the FBI webcam hack, and how it’s origination may be in something we thought was cool. Steve Keske joins in next to talk about some of what we might see in the future, the ability to print and create cells to replace damaged cells in human beings. Benjamin then answers a question from Jonathan about the differences between wireless routers and MIMO and 802.11ac. Then Benjamin spends some time in regards to strong passwords, and how we need to all be very careful when dealing with our security. Garrett had a question for Benjamin, and a dead screen on a laptop, and the answer included troubleshooting tips. Benjamin closes with respectful note at the passing of various nerds in the past year, including what he felt was the most impressive one of the bunch, the one to earn Computer Talk Radio’s “Nerd of the Year”; Hiroshi Yamauchi, who took Nintendo to new heights.

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