How does one say “that was absolutely cool” without talking?

Axanar_Logos_bevstrokeI started off the regular broadcast taking my usual role as host, but then, about two thirds of the way through the Nerdcast, I realized that I was merely along for the ride.  This was exciting, and for me, to step outside of the boundaries of hosting, and to just watch in amazement, is so very odd for me.  I do let people speak longer than some hosts, but that’s because I find it is sometimes more important to listen, than to interrupt.  The mind takes the speaker in amazing directions, sometimes stories come forth that we would never know about, or even expect.  Keith M. Sedor, the other valiant voice of the Nerdcast team, lept into full Trekkie (and Trekker) mode, and engaged (Star Trek pun not intended) with our guests.  His knowledge of the entire range of the Star Trek universe, as well as other Sci-Fi specialties, comes through very clear in this amazing interview, and underscores why we do the Nerdcast.

This weeks broadcast (available on the podcast), and the Nerdcast, both bring forth two amazing gentlemen, Alec Peters, and Robert Meyer Burnett, the men who are charged by many contributors, to bring forth Star Trek: Axanar.  The amount of Star Trek, and other sci-fi knowledge and excitement crosses over into geek territory at times, but if you hold with it, the vision behind the scenes is absolutely awesome.  Before you begin our interview, you may wish to watch Prelude to Axanar (below).

Part 1 of the interview:  (July 18, 2015 – About 10 minutes in, for about 20 minutes)

Part 2 of the interview:  (July 18, 2015)

The actual Star Trek Axanar website:

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The “prequel” for lack of a better choice of words at the moment, Prelude to Axanar (publicly posted on (and additional Axanar viewing is further below):

We make reference to the following clip a few times through our interviews.  This is the latest from the studios, and the interview highlights some of the major importance of many details within the clip.  This project is going to be absolutely amazing.