Website Of The Week – Hollywood Stock Exchange (

The stock market always seems like only the insiders are getting rich, and that is tough.  This weeks website is not about making money… well, not real money at least.  It’s called the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Picture a concept where you are given a bunch of money (not real), and you get to treat the movies as the different properties that will make or break you in the real world.  Imagine betting on the rumor of a movie that you’d love to see, and betting that the movie will score big.  This is all real, and more!  Discovering the real world of stocks is far more exciting, when it makes sense, and you understand the properties that you’re dealing with.  Making a killing here can be just as difficult, but it’s more rewarding, and you get to see what you know about the movie industry better than anyone else.

The whole concept here, is that your stock value is based on the movie doing $1 Million in the box office.  Imagine buying something like Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” when it was $9…  and later it closes at $450 or essentially $450 million dollars when everyone thought it might do $9 million.  Someone doing that would be worth a lot of money (even if it is fake).  Sure, there’s more to it than that.  Movie Funds, Starbonds, Derivatives, and they mix in a little television here and there too.

PS…  I rank in the 97th percentile, with some thanks to Mel Gibson directing some little movie called The Passion of the Christ…