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Here on Good Friday, perhaps it’s time we revisit the foundation of the Christian faith, the Bible.

The Bible is in a variety of different interpretations and versions, ranging from the King James Version, to Holman, NIV, ASV, the Catholic Bible, and more. Each has their own nuances and meanings in how the Bible is read, some resolving what might appear to be inconsistencies to the layman, and others creating controversy about their intents. One fine way to review what the Bible truly means, is to compare the nuances through different translations side-by-side. For instance, in Exodus 20:13, a key word of difference can impact us… is it thou shall not murder, or thou shall not kill? Both have their own distinct meanings, and the root of the choice is in the translation of a Hebrew word whicih can be translated as “render into a thousand pieces”, something like what a serial murdered might do.  A challenge to all who read this, is that you should review carefully, and prayerfully, and discover the Bible as a student again and again.

What better place to review many of these translations, than Bible Gateway?  At your fingertips there, are many translations, in many languages, in many different forms. Further, there are many options for reading different bible studies, references, commentaries and more. Bible Gateway has long been a favorite website of mine, and I encourage everyone to explore it.