Website Of The Week –

We can’t always pick a website of the week that is rare or unusual.  Sometimes, we pick something that has gathered attention, and present it in case you had never heard of it.  In years gone long ago, when an actor was doing poorly, a variety of vegetables or other items would be hurled upon the stage (and sometimes the actor), and it was a genuine reflection on the quality of the story, the actor, and the presentation.  With that concept in mind, you now have a little bit of an understanding on one of the more common websites out there. is a website that brings the whole host of reviews on a movie to you.  The difference here, is that the score is not based upon one critic (who may have just had a root canal before the movie), but rather, all of the critics, as well as a number of normal folks just like you and I.  You get a response of two scores, one about how the elite critics think of the movie, and one about the unwashed masses (us folks) viewed the movie.  For instance, the movie “The Book of Eli” from last year, a post apocalyptic thriller with twists and turns, and a small little message, was considered not so fresh (48%) by the critics, but enough regular people liked it (68%) to give it a fresh rating.

This is a full featured website, with news, user community, trailers, ratings, tracking on movies you might like, and a bunch more.  Even if you just watch the movies later on DVD or Netflix, or cable, it doesn’t matter, as this site can give you decision information when you’re contemplating between two movies.  It’s a great resource for anyone looking at the latest in entertainment.