Website of the Week –

Ok, so I use the term Nerd to refer to myself, but Nerds do like geeky stuff too.  It’s a matter of how we approach the topic, as I’ve said before.  A geek puzzles why people don’t like the stuff he does… a nerd, however, is self aware, and understands that what he does is outside of the norm.  In this case, he still enjoys the outside of the norm, and can explain it to people in their language, versus technobabble.

Think of Big Bang Theory… a comedy TV show about a group of scientists, engineers, and their blonde friend next door.

  • Sheldon – Hardcore Geek – Doesn’t understand why everyone isn’t interested in the nuances of hyper-kinetic variances within the…  HEY WAKE UP!!!
  • Howard – Geek – Doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t understand his fascination with Star Wars…
  • Raj – Geek – Can’t even communicate with women without assistance from…
  • Leonard – Nerd – Explains the geekdom to Penny, who really, really, really needs the help.  (grin!)

So, getting back to the topic…  There are a lot of cool things that I like that are geeky.  I love the various things on the website, including… oh yeah… the Titanium Spork!  There are plenty of other items from the Science Museum Giftshop, like gyroscopes, bucky balls, and astronaut ice cream.  But there’s plenty more there than just the run of the mill.  Check it out, and see how many t-shirts that you understand.