It’s been a long time since I’ve considered an alternative to Facebook. Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia, has decided that he’s got something in WT:Social. It’s a little different in appearance, but one thing going for it… no ads, and a promise of similarities to the Wikipedia example. I’m quite interested when someone says they want to do better on all fronts. Here’s a link to join in and check it out.
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales thinks he can create a better social network. Called WT:Social, the network has no financial association with Wikipedia, but operates on a similar business model: donations, not advertising.

WT:Social went live last month and is currently nearing 50,000 users. The company is rolling out access slowly; when I signed up, I was approximately number 28,000 on the waitlist. Alternatively, you can pay 13 bucks a month or 100 a year to get access right away.

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