On one side, we have some government reps seeking banning of facial recognition. Virginia, Massachusetts, Main, and many cities too. On Tuesday, however, 10 agencies, from Justice and Homeland, to Commerce and Agriculture reported they are seeking to expand. Yep, they want to scan our faces and know who we are and where we go. Our freedom to travel may be squelched further, or our association with “undesirables” may be questioned, or more. Tech is a wonder, but it can also hurt us, and I’m afraid it’s getting worse. Agriculture wants facial scanning? Really?

Ten federal agencies, from the departments of Agriculture to Veterans Affairs, said they intended to grow their face-scanning capabilities by 2023. One watchdog official said, “Even with all the privacy issues and accuracy problems, the government is pretty much saying, ‘Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.'”

Found at www.msn.com