Gartner Research has come out with something shocking… a two part comment on Windows 11. In a nutshell, while it’s got new look, features, and more, it should have just been a feature update to Windows 10. They also have said there is no need to rush… take your time and do it when you need to. Steve Keske and I will talk about some of the “look before you leap” concerns we have on this weeks show.
Analyst firm Gartner has advised its customers what to do about Windows 11: get familiar with it and plan for eventual adoption, but don’t rush to implement.

In advice titled “Positioning Windows 11 and Preparing to Deploy”, Gartner research vice president Stephen Kleynhans assesses the new OS as offering an “overdue facelift” and praises new features such as the new Microsoft Store, Android app support, and ditching Internet Explorer.

But Kleynhans also opined “All of these capabilities could have been released as just another feature update for Windows 10”.