While governments have been moving to ban cryptocurrency, a Muslim council of what is considered appropriate (or Sharaiah), has declared the crypto is not allowed. Now, this is different than Bahrain, and the UAE, who have been allowing crypto for a while. It doesn’t necessarily mean that trading will stop, but it may be shifted underground, as other things tend to do in religious circles.

(Bloomberg) — Most Read from BloombergWhy Hong Kong Is Building Apartments the Size of Parking SpacesFarmers Take on ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Food CrisisGreece’s Popular Islands Are Crowded — With PlasticDo Prisons Deserve a Second Chance?The use of crypto assets as a currency is forbidden for Muslims, according to Indonesia’s council of religious leaders.The National Ulema Council, or MUI, has deemed cryptocurrency as haram, or banned, as it has elements of uncertainty, wagering and harm, Asrorun Ni