You’re going to hear about WiFi 7 for weeks now, but it’s not even due to see our homes for at least a couple of years. 802.11be will be the latest in a long series of advances for us getting data to our various devices through the home. One of the name variations talks about Extremely High Throughput, and the specs are 46 Gbit, which is faster than most of our hard drives and all of our USB connections. We’re not going to see the full speeds, but it will look really good. Additionally, it will have some selective channel bonding to increase bandwidth, leaving us more reliable service where we wouldn’t expect it… apartments, and SMB offices.

Qualcomm announces the FastConnect 7800, which the company says will be the first Wi-Fi 7 chip. But what is Wi-Fi 7? We explain the next generation of wireless networking technology.

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