Microsoft’s annual summer realignment is in swing, with a layoff of less than 1% of their force. This is common at the end of their fiscal year, and while some have called doom and gloom, it’s par for the course. Other top tech companies have been making moves to rightsize, but it’s been repeatedly stated that it’s to remove slackers and non-performers. For an industry that hasn’t done much of this in a while, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Microsoft today became the latest Big Tech company to cut jobs during a period of mounting economic uncertainty. Bloomberg reports that the Redmond firm is “realigning business groups and roles” after the close of its fiscal year (on June 30), even as the company intends to grow its headcount in the coming months. The layoffs reportedly affect less than 1% of Microsoft’s 180,000-person workforce and follow no clear pattern with respect to geography or product division, touching on teams including customer and partner solutions and consulting.