I’ve always been fond of DuckDuckGo, and their privacy route. They’ve got a new feature available to all, and it’s email protection. Ditch the idea of the various webbugs in email, and other trackers, and receive an email that is far more protected. There’s a few different options of protecting your privacy through email, including anonymous email addressing, and more. Neat thing, is that like the rest of their stuff, it’s free. Imagine owning your name at duck.com… yep, it’s that easy, and I’ll mention this only once… if you email me at duck.com, it’ll get there without using the form at computertalkradio.com .

DuckDuckGo has opened its Email Protection service to all users. The service lets you conceal your personal email with an “@duck.com” address, as well as catches and strips trackers before it reaches your inbox.