I chuckled as I read about how Chuck E. Cheese, yeah, the kid favorite pizza parlor with tons of video games, and audio-animatronic shows, are still relying upon floppy disks to drive the robots. For the younger crowd, this is technology that was state-of-the-art 30 years ago, and all but disappeared 20 years ago, in favor of flash drives. Apparently the conversion from the old tech just isn’t important, especially since the Rat (yes, their mascot is a rat) dictated a move away from the aging robots 5 years ago. Side note, Chuck E Cheese was started by one of the founders of Atari, who was fascinated by Disney’s usage of the animatronics some 40 years ago.

TikTok user showbizpizzaman documented the process of uploading data to the computers that control Chuck E. Cheese’s anthropomorphic robot animals.

Found at gizmodo.com