We want to trust Microsoft. This week killed a large amount of trust, when a reported bug was discovered, that sent data on nearly every URL you visited to Bing. Let me say that again… they know almost every website you hit. This is a betrayal of so much that we believe in with browsers. Now that it’s been discovered, Microsoft is reported to be investigating, but this has some serious scary thoughts behind it. Other browsers give indications of who you are and where you go, more passively, but not like this. This really seems to be another reason to consider DuckDuckGo’s own approach to browsing, search engines and more. Sure, this may just be a bug, but consider how you feel about something this serious, and your thought of the potential of it being only a bug.

The latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser is leaking the URLs of every website that the user is visiting the Bing API servers.