About a year ago, Amazon closed on it’s deal to purchase MGM Studios. 4000 films, 17000 TV shows. This was a large acquisition for a company that loves to tout their streaming service. This week, however, Amazon has decided that it’ll not only move parts of the MGM library around to the other streamers, they are even talking about sharing their own original content (for a fee, I’m sure) to the other streamers. This gives them a chance to bring in money, not only through Prime, but also through Netflix, Roku, Disney, and everywhere else. If this comes through well, this may be something that is not only a cash cow for Amazon, but a winner for the fans and viewers as well.

Following its acquisition of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. (MGM) film studio, Amazon is launching the Amazon MGM Studios Distribution unit, which will be responsible for distributing Amazon original movies and TV shows, including the massive library it got through MGM.

Found at arstechnica.com