E3 would have been this past week. The Electronic Entertainment Expo was cancelled as part of the fallout from COVID. Gaming did continue, and improved in leaps and bounds, so the entire gaming world still used this week to announce many of their games, even without the Expo. From Ubisoft, to Capcom, to Microsoft, and more, the games game out in full force. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 and a new version of the Xbox was announced, as well as Assassins Creed. Cities Skylines 2 saw a lot of attention, as did the latest Elder Scrolls, Spider Man, Tom Clancy, and so much more. With E3 being gone for 3 years now, I expect that it’ll go the way of CES if it ever returns, with smaller turnout from the companies, and from the audience.

For all those who complain about the loss of E3 and the number of events and conferences these days, here is a compilation of everything that was shown. It’s true that the announcements are no longer condensed into a few days, and there’s a lot more filler now, but how can you not smile at a list as impressive as the one below? Let your wallets tremble. If you click on the respective links, you’ll find the trailer for each game shown at “not E3″ and a good amount of details about them.

Found at www.msn.com