Apple, and many other companies, have dealt with the crazy world of trademarks. Apple’s facing the problem again with the new Vision Pro headset, at least in China. Apparently, Huawei trademarked the title years back, and it covered a large range of products, including a VR headset. It’s not far fetched, as Huawei is a tech company. The big problem is that Huawei is in the middle of a long plummet from the skies. We reported recently about the EU shutting them down, just as the United States has, so there may be some need for cash flow, as well as a desire to strike back at an American company. This will be something for watching while eating popcorn.

Apple may regret picking the Vision Pro name for its new headset, as a rival firm has already trademarked it. And it’s not the only headache Apple is facing.