Electric vehicles don’t have a transmission, but instead, they are direct drive. So, when I saw a headline about Toyota putting a fake stick shift, clutch pedal, and fake speakers in to simulate manual transmissions, I thought for sure it was an April Fools joke. Apparently, Dodge and others are thinking this is a good idea as well. Worse yet, if you don’t drive it well enough, it’ll react like it’s stalling. I get that there are folks that won’t buy, as they want that mechanical feel in their car. I’m a mechanical watch collector, and have low interest in an Apple Watch, and analog faces don’t change my mind. Why would I want a Toyota that will fake everything, including malfunctions for no reason other than I miss while changing non-existent gears?

Toyota introduced an EV prototype with fake manual transmission because the auto industry is deeply anxious about a future of only electric cars.