This week, an image went out with Trump admonishing Biden for whatever. We’ve now seen the advent of being able to deepfake everything. Clearly it isn’t good, as some of these are going to be believable, and the technology is only going to get better. The EU is planning to setup rules on how we can tell what is fake and what is real. Unfortunately, they will also spend ages on this, and my own experience says it won’t work. Why? Because Pandora’s box is open, and tools now exist that can be loaded on our own personal computers, via Adobe Firefly or Photoshop, and soon, I’m sure it’ll be in Premiere, the video editing program. This will also extend through many other programs, and become run-of-the-mill, and even if they get enforcement on the good guys, others will continue, disregarding any well intentioned, but poorly written rules that might not come for years.

LONDON (AP) — The European Union is pushing online platforms like Google and Meta to step up the fight against false information by adding labels to text, photos and other content generated by artificial intelligence, a top official said Monday.

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