With Mark Zuckerberg’s push for virtual reality, which has struggled, with his Metaverse project, for whatever reason, this week he announced Meta Quest 3. This set of goggles is $500, instead of the predecessors $300 pricetag. Perhaps Zuckerberg has become emboldened by rumors that Apple will price their new set at $3000, which will make his bargain seem amazing. I have yet to see a compelling reason to take the jump, as each time I ask someone for a business or personal case, it usually ends with a reference to their VR goggles that sit on a shelf or table for weeks at a time without use. To make the killer app, one has to have a reason that drives massive usage, and it’s just not there yet.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the first official details of the Meta Quest 3.

Found at venturebeat.com