On this week’s Computer Talk Radio, we’ll be spending an expanded amount of time on Apple’s WWDC event. I’ve had some problems with the idea of the Vision Pro, even as I watched the entire presentation of the new googles. The lack of telling us the value or desired purchasers, and establishing only that it’s just ultra-cool tech, leaves me concerned that this may be a continuation of a bad idea. I currently rank this as viable as 3D television, and lament the ability for experiences that will bring us together. Tech, just for the sake of tech, is just not thrilling. An article from the Washington Post puts together a number of my own personal concerns for this tech. Time will clearly tell, but for more on the rest of Apple’s announcements, check out this week’s show.

The headset captures what an always-on portal to the internet would invite — the illusion of connecting with people when really we’re more cut off than ever.