The FCC officially is looking into an updated definition of broadband internet. Currently, it’s listed as 25Mbit down, and 3Mbit up, which is what I had in the early 2000’s. The proposed updated numbers would shift us to 100Mbit down, 25Mbit up. Redefining these numbers is good for many people, but it also highlights the poor service by many companies who think that subpar performance is just fine. They do indicate that a future proposal will be 1 Gbit down and 500Mbit up, but that’s a ways off as well. Most non-fiber service providers struggle with the upload side. One MAJOR (Spectrum) carrier recently offered me 400 down, 20 up, even though I already told them I had fiber. Their excuse… nobody needs those upload speeds.

A new FCC proposal aims to define ‘broadband internet’ speeds at 100mbps down.

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