In March 2018, a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, died due to a self-driving car. Behind the wheel of a car was a woman whow as the assigned safety driver working for Uber. At the time, she was watching The Voice on her smartphone, and failed to step in and take over to avoid the crash. That led to her pleading guilty this past week to endangerment. She’ll have 3 years of supervised probation, which to some may seem light, but she’s also involved in one of the first cases that will decide how other courts can handle situations like this, where many different defendants are involved in so-called self driving cars.
Rafaela Vasquez was at the wheel of a self-driving Volvo SUV operated by Uber when it struck and killed a pedestrian pushing a bicycle across a road in Tempe, Ariz.

The March 2018 crash, the first case of a pedestrian being killed by a self-driving car in the United States, shocked Uber into pausing testing on automated vehicles and triggered a federal investigation.

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