A recent study admits some flaws in their research, but they want to pursue the correlation of a reduction in dementia for elderly who use the internet. Note that there are a number of factors. One found that using it more than 2 hours a day increasing the risk of dementia. Or was it that those who had dementia were unable to control using it, and therefore used it more? Yes, there’s a lot to study, but part does appear to hinge on the active cognitive usage, versus just blindly wandering the Internet. This came out of NYU’s School of Global Public Health, and I’m sure we’ll see far more studies in the coming years.

Scientists have looked into internet use to see if it’s at all linked with the likelihood of developing dementia — and found, interestingly, that moderate and regular internet use seems to be cognitively helpful to older folks. Published in the August edition of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, this paper is unique, as […]

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