Volvo announced this last week that Volvo diesel cars days will be numbered… to early 2024. This is a company that 4 years ago considered diesel their strength in Europe. They are still selling gas cars, but have stopped spending any research and development money in that field. Their apparent goal is to try to catch up to Tesla, and beat everyone else to the electric market. It’s still a flawed strategy, as there are many questions about the long term stability of rare earth metals, power distribution, and environmental hazards. I’ve got an upcoming trip, and I was going to take a scenic route home. I thought of renting an EV, but found that the scenic route won’t even support an EV, unless I want to gamble on making it the last few miles.

Volvo’s last diesel car will roll off the line “by early 2024,” the company said on Tuesday while emphasizing its bet on EVs.

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