The CFO of Warner Bros said this past week that all of us aren’t paying enough, and we should be prepared for steep increases. Oddly enough, he ignored the fact that Netflix turns a major profit, while Disney, Paramount, Peacock, and even Warner Bros each are posting financial losses to compete with Netflix. Perhaps he is hoping we all ignore that the combined price of all those named thus far, plus Apple, grew from $76 per month to $94 a month. A 24% hit on our wallets, in a time period that saw 3% inflation. This kind of warning from the industry doesn’t bode well, but fortunately, we have had a wish granted that we wanted for decades… a la carte pricing. I don’t subscribe to Warner, and I’m nearing dropping one of my services for lack of interest. I just don’t need all of the services, and neither do you.

Services like Netflix, Disney+, and Max have long sought growth over profit. “Quality content has been given away.” Warner Bros. Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels said.