It’s no secret that I’m balanced on the usage of tech. I’m not fond of self-checkout in the form most companies do. Amazon Fresh is the only implementation that I like, and it’s tolerable. Kroger is pushing a new item, based on the increased losses from pushing self-checkout. Now, they are going to have AI cameras watch and move employees in closer when they see suspicious actions, but also in the event of not being efficient enough. Let me reword that last part in my own approach… on top of making you do the work, making you responsible for the work, if you aren’t efficient, then the efficiency police will come over and berate you. I’m sorry, I’m just not going to be as fast at the scanning work as someone who has been doing it for two, ten, or twenty years. Bring back the professionals and stop destroying jobs.

The giant grocery chain has a controversial solution for a growing industry problem.