Windows 11 has continued to lag behind everyone’s expectations, except according to Microsoft’s deepest friends. It’s now 2 years old, and still has yet to break the 25% install base of all Windows machines, which is a problem. The latest numbers indicate about 400 million installs of Windows 11 worldwide, but for a company that managed that same amount in under a year with Windows 10, that’s not impressive. Windows 12 rumors are starting to indicate 2024, which may stunt the growth path for Windows 11, something that has happened in other tech fields, and is referred to as the Osborne effect, after the famed failure of the Osborne company in the early 80’s.

Windows 11 has surpassed 400 million monthly active devices, reaching half a billion by early 2024. Its growth rate is slower than Windows 10 due to different launch parameters, with Windows 11 having