The first series of the Apple Watch is now obsolete. Yes, that includes the original $17,000 gold version that contains . For those keeping track, these watches were released in 2015, giving a lifespan of just 8 years from birth to death. I have multiple watches that have twice that lifespan and keep on ticking, one that uses zero electricity, and relies just on my daily movements. The idea of a throw-away culture continues to be emblazoned into our lifestyles, and my mechanical watches feel like a way to fight back against the destructive force of disposables that cost at least twice as much. For those who were wondering… the original Apple Watch in 18k gold was just shy of 2 ounces of actual gold. The value of the gold, in today’s rates… about $2500… leaving nearly $15,000 in profit to Apple.

Apple adds all original models to the obsolete list.