Increasing concerns keep coming out of the AI field, and this weeks includes ChatGPT’s problems with accuracy in the one field that we don’t want, math. The warning specific was not to use ChatGPT, or any AI in financials. Sure, computers are normally built as overgrown, complicated, fancy calculators, with precision accuracy on numbers, and zero guessing. ChatGPT, however, was built around some fuzziness, where language is not exact, but an approximation. It also acts as a predictive text engine, much like when you type a few words into Google, and it’s trying to think of what you might type next. This type of processing will, and does, lead to errors that shouldn’t be introduced into your accounting.

ChatGPT is an language model that uses probability to create a text-based answer to your question. But math and accounting hinge on accuracy, not probability. Here’s why that matters.

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